This is one of those recipes you should file away for a day of detox. It requires some prior planning as far as sprouting the moong beans. For this recipe, buy non-GMO whole moong beans. These are the ones you know will sprout for sure. Bonus points for the body if you can get organic non-GMO moong beans.

Rinse about 2 cups of moong beans well, drain all the water out. Take a large kitchen towel and place your rinsed moong beans in the center of the towel. Now gather up the corners like you are packing up a gift basket bunch the towel as close to the beans as you can, and seal with a sturdy rubber band. Place the bundle into a non reactive pan and top it with a heavy dutch oven. Keep this strange looking bundle in a dark and warm corner of your kitchen for a day or two and you will have some beautiful sprouts at hand. Alternately, if you have a kitchen with lots of room for a variety of gadgets and devices, you can buy one of those convenient commercial sprouting devices.

There are no strict measures for this recipe. Its best if you can chill all ingredients before making the dish.

Sprouted moong beans
Finely diced cucumber
Finely diced tomatoes
Grated carrots
Jalapeños, chopped (optional)
Dash of lime juice

Toss all ingredients with a pinch of salt. A very refreshing lunch for a hot summer day.

Note - as an optional touch, you can make some seasoned oil by heating up a tbsp of vegetable oil, a pinch of asafetida, some brown mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds start to pop, remove from the heat and incorporate into the salad.