Pictures and recipes from my kitchen


20160425_003610411_iOSFood is an integral part of our living, provides nourishment as much as it satisfies the soul. For most of us, food holds dear memories of eating with family, trying a new recipe with grandma or the kids, or indulging in junk food with friends.

My ethnicity is Indian, but my palate appreciates the world. As I eat and experience the diversity of food around the world, I marvel at how food connects us all – both via similarities in cuisine and similarities in culture that surrounds food.

The recipes you see on this blog are meals that I have cooked at home. With the exception of baking, most of the recipes are meant to be guidelines and not to be followed to a tee. You can abide by the recipe, but feel free to stray and create something that is your own. Because that is the beauty of cooking and personalizing it to your taste.

Lives are busy these days. But take the time every now and then to savor your food and be mindful of what you eat. Teach yourself to understand your food, and love it.

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